All Mining claims to be computerised

A contact within the MMMD confirmed that the process for the computerised system is almost complete.

“The cadastre registration system is almost complete. The Ministry has applied for US$916 000, which is an estimate of the amount required to purchase the materials for the project,” said the source.

Source added that the system would be decentralised across all Provinces in the country, with 95% of people expected to be using the system having been trained.

Speaking to this publication, a miner identified as Lawrence Musonza, commended the Government for the computerisation of the mining system saying it will go a long way in bringing to an end the issues of double allocation that had bedevilled the mining sector for a long time.

“On my recent visit to the Ministry of Mines, someone revealed to me that once complete, the system will be effective in reducing cases of double allocation.

“I heard that the system will be able to manage and record the dimensions of all mining titles, ownership, tenure and also locate with precision the coordinates of all mining claims in the country. That makes me sleep peacefully as a miner because I know no one will be able to covert my mining claim and claim it as theirs,” said Musonza.

Cases of corruption were rampant within the mining sector, resulting in double allocations that steered up conflict leading to litigation or murder. 

In 2013, the country woke up to news that Russell Goreraza, son to the former First Lady Grace Mugabe, had invaded Telrose Mine in Kadoma which was under the control of businessman, Jamesom Rushwaya.  The same mine was also at the centre of a legal battle between Rushwaya and businessman Jameson Timba who both claimed its ownership. The application of this system is expected to reduce such situations of double allocation and overlapping of claims since the critical data pertaining to the claim registration is captured and easily accessed on the internet.

A South African company Spatial Dimension (Pvt) Ltd will be responsible for the installation of the system.