Budget gets thump-up

By Rudo Saungweme

The 2019 Budget presented yesterday by Minister of Finance and Economic Development Professor Mthuli Ncube has received accolades from citizens across the political and economic divide.

Minister of Youth, Sports, Art and Recreation, Kirsty Coventry expressed gratitude towards the funds channelled to her ministry. She indicated that her ministry’s inclusion in the budget need everyone to come together to make work effective.

Coventry said, “My ministry`s budget has been announced, we will need to come together to make this work for Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation. We have a massive population to look after and with the right partnerships, we can do this.”

Some netizens supporting Minister Coventry stated that it is the first budget in the last 10 years for Sport to be included in the budget.

“This is the first budget in 10 years, I think, where you can search for the word ‘sport’ and find it. We need to be positive as Zimbabweans to build a great nation,” tweeted Bruce Chikwavari.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa also congratulated Professor Ncube for the 2019 budget. Commenting on his twitter account President Mnangagwa said, “I wish to congratulate Professor Mthuli Ncube on a historic, responsible and disciplined budget, which both cuts costs and contains crucial confidence building measures to stimulate economic growth. The core message austerity for prosperity is a central component of our strategy to restructure, reform and rebuild, and I am confident that in years to come, this will be seen as a pivotal moment in Zimbabwe`s economic recovery ”

Former Kingdom Bank Owner Nigel Chanakira tweeted  , “Compliments to Professor Mthuli Ncube on his maiden budget statement that depicted that we now have a purist and practitioner in the cockpit of the ministry of finance and economic development. He was inadvertently spared the jeering of the opposition party during his delivery and now needs grace to steer Zimbabwe through the crosswinds of remaining pockets of doubting local Thomases, speculators, ruling party hawks dawdling on constitutional reforms and international creditors who are enamored by his technical competence but want proof that he can hit stated targets.”

Kudzai Mutisi a netizen posted, “Professor Mthuli Ncube is the veritable cornucopia of an Economics Guru. He has prescribed the most effective medicine to the sick Zim Economy. The patient can scream, scratch and spit but the Doctor must administer the cure. Don’t pay attention to those fighting to IMPORT. Please don`t.”