Gvt launches Ease of Doing Business Reform Programme

By Rudo Saungweme

Government has launched the 2020-2021 Ease of Doing Business Reform Programme in its mission to attain Vision 2030. The Ease of Doing Business Reform Programme should create a warm environment that enables business in the country to run smoothly.

Addressing the business community in Harare yesterday, Deputy Chief Secretary for Administration and Finance, in the Office of the President and Cabinet, Dr Martin Rushwaya said the Ease of Doing Business seeks to create a favourable environment to make Zimbabwe attract investors in line with the “Zimbabwe is open for Business,” mantra.

“Pursuant to the attainment of Vision 2030, the Ease of Doing Business Reform Programme seeks to create a conducive and supportive business environment. The environment makes Zimbabwe a competitive destination of choice for investors in line with the mantra Zimbabwe is Open for Business.

“As you are aware, the Ease of Doing Business Reform is high on the national socio-economic development agenda to achieve the targets as set out in the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP),” he said.

Dr Rushwaya also stated that Government is going to address all the concerns raised by the business community. He indicated that some of the challenges which include multiplicity of charges and levies needed to be revisited together with the structure of the entities.

“As I have listened attentively to your genuine concerns, which indeed, we all share, such as multiplicity of charges and levies. For instance in the Agriculture sector, it came out very succinctly that there is need to revisit not only the fee structures of the entities themselves.

“A critical analysis of the issues that you brought up through the presentation reveal that entities are charging to pay salaries of their staff while not providing the service they are expected to deliver,” said Dr Rushwaya.

Dr Rushwaya also said that measures will soon be put in place to curb delays in resolving outstanding bottlenecks.

“The attitude by some Government Ministries in lacking urgency to resolve outstanding bottlenecks is regrettable to say the least. Acting lackadaisically when dealing with economic reforms of national interest is a complete departure from the agreed Government investment drive, this is totally unacceptable under the New Dispensation,” he said.

Government has launched the Ease of Doing Business Reform Programme. The essence of this programme is to assist Zimbabwe in defining the investment climate, outlining the strategic investment options and providing a comprehensive framework for coordination, facilitation, promotion, protection and retention of both domestic and foreign investment.