Private sector compliment Govt efforts in water conservation

By Staff Reporter

The private sector has stepped up efforts to compliment Government in the provision and conservation of water. The Borehole Drillers Association Apex Council (BDAAC) which recently came into play will spearhead regularised provision of water facilities across the country.

In an interview with this publication, BDAAC interim President Mr Simon Kanyenze revealed that BDAAC will coordinate private sector borehole drillers to operate in a more uniform, transparent and accountable manner. “We have noted with concern a public outcry over the inflated pricing by some borehole drillers. Others have been collecting money from the people and subsequently fail to provide the service”, said Mr Kanyenze.

Mr Kanyenze further revealed that, the private sector has conceded the global calls to fight climate change.  “Government will be there to support and give direction on what should be done in conserving water at the same time ensuring adequate and affordable water facilities to the general public. We still encourage other actors in the borehole drilling sector to support the initiative” he added.

Mr Kanyenze, revealed to this publication that the association will be launched soon, and is currently coordinated by a recently nominated interim board. He said that all provinces amongst the relevant stakeholders were represented in the board.

Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Settlement, Youth Desk Coordinator, Mr Nikros Kajengo welcomed the development. He said that water is a cross-cutting enabler which is not important in domestic use but for production. He noted the need to protect and preserve water bodies through the implementation of various engineering skills.

“The association should give these young people necessary opportunities. Most of them are being motivated by the current acute shortages of water in the country’s major urban areas, hence they have decided to take the lead in complimenting Government efforts to provide water”, said Mr Kajengo.

The initiative by BDAAC followed Government’s concern over the provision of clean water in the country’s major urban cities. Private actors have since been called by Government to coordinate themselves and compliment efforts to provide and conserve water in line with the global calls to fight effects of climate change.