China continues to call for the removal of sanctions on Zim

Staff Reporter

China, Zimbabwe’s all weather friend continues to stand in solidarity with Zimbabwe in consistent calls for the unconditional removal of illegal sanctions imposed on the country by the West and its allies.

In a statement posted on the Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe’s Twitter handle, from the Spokesperson’s regular Press Conference, China urged responsible countries and organisations to remove the sanctions they illegal imposed on Zimbabwe.

“China firmly opposes all unilateral sanctions and firmly supports the Zimbabwean people’s rejection of external interference and pursuit of independent development. We solemnly urge certain organisations and countries including the United States of America (USA) to lift the illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe,” reads part of the statement.

China agreed with the United Nation Special Rapporteur on the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights, Professor Alena Douhan’s current observation that the sanctions have a devastating impact on Zimbabwe’s economy and also violates people’s human rights.

“The observation by the UN Special Rapporteur shows once again that unilateral sanctions had a debilitating impact on Zimbabwe’s capability to grow the economy and improve public welfare and on the Zimbabwean people’s daily life and enjoyment of various rights. The international community is increasingly repulsed by these sanctions,” further reads the statement adding that human rights is a favourite subject of Western countries including the US and the UK, but what they practice runs counter to what they preach.

China is on record saying the US is in no position to impose sanctions on others as it has double standards, which informs how it reacts to countries based on if one is a friend or foe.

The illegal sanctions by the West are an unwarranted and unprovoked war against Zimbabwe by the West. They have negatively impacted all sectors of the Zimbabwean economy and its people and have undermined Zimbabwe’s credibility and national image.