Schweppes punished for double dipping

Staff Reporter

Citizens have commended the Government for revoking the suspension of duty on imported oranges and grape fruits highlighting that the local traders were abusing the privilege by charging the fruit juice in foreign currency despite Government`s waiver on duty of same.

Commenting on its handle, the eBusiness Weekly attacked Schweppes for double dipping.

“Government has revoked the suspension of duty on imported oranges that Beitbridge Juicing Pvt Limited was enjoying.

“Beitbridge Juicing`s parent company Schweppes has been charging its Mazoe Orange Crush Product exclusively in US$ despite enjoying certain Government incentives,” posted eBusiness Weekly.

ZANU PF Director for Information and Publicity, Tafadzwa Mugwadi castigated the same company saying that it was sabotaging Government efforts on the ease of doing business in Zimbabwe.

“You see, the principle is that we are open for business, but you cannot abuse our friendlier pro-business policies to abuse and cheat our people and expect to get away with murder. The company has had its duty waiver revoked for day-light robbery. Shape up or ship away!” said Mugwadi.

ZANU PF has also tweeted lambasting Schweppes for abusing the duty waiver highlighting that some of these malpractices depict ignorance.

“When unscrupulous business elements choose the wrong way, Government whips them back into line. Our opening up for business should not be misconstrued as opening up for cheating our people through malpractices that borders on ignorance. Duty waiver for the company revoked by Zimbabwe Treasury,” it posted.

Government is always trying to make commodities accessible and affordable to every citizen through the introduction of Statutory Instruments. On the 17th of May 2022, Minister of Finance and Economic Development Professor Mthuli Ncube announced the SI 98 of 2022 which immediately and wholly suspended Customs duties on importation of basic commodities. However, some economic saboteurs end up abusing the privilege through selling the products at higher prices to those who cannot manage to import the said commodities.