Biti’s city shooting speculation draws condemnation

by Nobleman Runyanga

A statement issued late yesterday by the police following a shooting incident in Harare city centre the same day, laid bare the MDC-T Chamisa faction Harare East legislator, Tendai Biti’s penchant for lies and drew widespread condemnation from many Harare residents.

The shooting occurred near the corner of Angwa Street and Kwame Nkrumah Avenue yesterday morning following a misunderstanding between a 24-year old motorist and a 40-year old man, who was reportedly a parking marshal, over parking space. According to the police statement, the altercation degenerated into a scuffle with the motorist drawing a pistol which he fired resulting in the death of the marshal.

Before the police could investigate or issue a statement on the matter, Biti had already taken to his Twitter handle blaming Government for the unfortunate death.

“The junta have shot down two people in Harare s CBD this morning. The blatant fascism of this murderous regime is totally unacceptable. Surely the citizen can’t live in perpetual fear of State hooliganism,” tweeted Biti.

“Human life needs to be respected. There is no cause or reason which justifies the talking away of a life by the State. Not even capital punishment. How ironic is it that they are murdering people on the international day against capital punishment,” said Biti in another tweet.

Biti’s comments drew widespread condemnation from many people.

“I strongly object to Biti’s shameless attempt to capitalise on the incident to score political points. We expect the lawmaker that Biti is to lead by example by allowing the police to tell the nation what happened before speculating,” said Samson Kadada of Tynwald.

Other people, who the Harare Post spoke to, had no kind words for the opposition legislator’s utterances.

“Biti mugwere. Munzwisisewo. (He is mentally challenged. Please understand him),“  tweeted one Peteres Chidhumo.

Another Twitter user, who only identifies himself as Mabutho, summarised Biti’s behaviour as clownish.

“Tendai Biti is a clown,“ Mabutho posted.

Since its electoral defeat in July, the opposition has been seeking opportunities to cast both ZANU PF and Government in bad light.