Citizens lambast Chamisa`s false claims

By Christopher Makaza

Netizens from across the country have dismissed and described as stage managed the beleaguered MDC leader Nelson Chamisa`s alleged claims that he on Saturday escaped an attempted abduction by security agents near Ruwa on his way from his Marondera rally.

Chamisa on his twitter page posted, “I sympathize with those driven by lies and malice who rush to claim that threats to life are false. Far from it. Threats to my life are real and have been made before, in broad daylight. The Saturday incident was horrible. I’m concerned about the security situation in our country.  There is a minimum of 8 cars with armed people, whose faces will be covered, following us at any given time. Surprisingly, they have four new Toyota Hilux vehicles instead of using those as ambulances in our rural hospitals.”

Deputy Minister of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Energy Mutodi on his twitter page responded, “History repeats itself. Zimbabwe has another Mukadota in the form of Nelson aka Nero Chamisa. Only Mukadota was social comedian and Nero a political comedian whose supporters blindly follow a hoax. A serial liar cum actor in stage-managed fake abductions, shame.”

Netizen B Musonza tweeted, “Chamisa has staged the World’s first ever bizarre voluntary abduction attempt in the history of the criminal underworld. I told you we dodged the bullet by not having that lot in power. Meanwhile details of the owner of the car have emerged and you will be shocked.”

Neal Magombedze responded, “As a prudent leader why do you not document these incidences & expose them daily as you are followed so that everyone has record of your experiences? You can't even provide anything on four Hilux vehicles, again you choose to entice the masses with mysticism uncorroborated facts.”

Netizen Kudzai Mutisi responded, “2023 is five years away.  Of course you want to maintain your media coverage but you are doing it in a self-destructive manner. You could be doing useful stuff that gets you positive coverage not this blitzkrieg of political blathering. Can't you be useful to Zimbabwe for once?”

Tawanda Chiwese tweeted, “That abduction nonsense is a broken tired record. Even Chamisa himself is probably kicking himself on what a fool he made himself look. It would be nice to look at USA, SA and UK intelligence cables. I’m sure they are all laughing their heads off. In any case, I’m done.”