Chamisa accepts to harassing innocent motorists

By Shongedzai Mugwagwa

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has today made shocking revelations that he accepts having harassed innocent motorist in a suspected road rage over the weekend when he thought he was under surveillance.

The shocking revelation was made during a press statement made by the MDC at their Harvest House today where the spokesperson, Cllr Jacob Mafume in an attempt to spin the whole issue told the auditorium that the said abductors were using cloned number plates.

The revelation was interpreted as an attempt by the opposition to spin the failed abduction drama, after ownership searches of the vehicle at the Central Vehicle Registration did not meet their expectation thereby attempting to add more mystery to what turns out to be a road rage crime facing Chamisa.

Political analysts have trashed Chamisa’s revelation that the alleged abductors were using cloned number plates. They submitted that if ever there was cloning of the number plates, then who is the original owner of the number plates and questioned if CVR could confirm to the new twist introduced by the opposition.

Netizens have trashed Chamisa’s revelations and were quick to attack Chamisa for rushing to label the alleged abductors “Zanu PF CIO” before the police have initiated investigations.

A narrative is that Chamisa acted on suspicion and confronted a Toyota Harrier vehicle which they suspected to be of abductors, According to police documents in our possession, the said abductors have reported to the Police against Chamisa for assault and harassment.

He said he was driving behind Chamisa vehicle on the Marondera-Harare highway but with no intention of putting Chamisa’s motorcade under surveillance but he was surprised when he was blocked and he feared for his life.