Beitbridge-Chirundu dualisation kicks off

By Shongedzai Mugwagwa

Government has begun to fund the lengthy Beitbridge-Chirundu highway with the first construction being done between Chivhu and Mvuma by the Central Equipment and Mechanical Department (CMED).

Sources within Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) has told this publication that yesterday (15 November 2018), CMED deployed its equipment to Mvuma to kick start the first construction towards the dualisation process of the busiest road in Zimbabwe.

“We have dispatched construction material in Mvuma to kick start the dualisation process. Government is fully funding the dualisation project through Zinara and between today and end of December, CMED will construct 10 kilometres,” said the sources.

This publication has noted that CMED is in the process of opening a detour road to enable smooth operations in then dualisation process.

Zinara played a central role in the country during the new dispensation when it rolled out the Emergency Road Rehabilitation process which saw the rehabilitation of major roads across the country.

Sources privy to the project told this publication that Zinara would play a central role just like what they did during the ERR exercise where they were sourcing funds for construction at high accidents zones.

Construction work to dualise one of southern Africa's busiest road has commenced after a long time and when foreign constructors have duped the country yet they didn’t have the requisites needed to kick start the project.

The Beitbridge-Harare road is one of the southern Africa's busiest corridors and links most countries in the north of the Limpopo.