MDC supporters backtracking on demos

…as Chamisa incites violence

By Bruce Zvandasara

Despite the call by MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa to call for demonstrations in the country, the party’s District Assemblies have indicated that Chamisa might sail on a solo journey.

Chamisa has called upon his party supporters to troop to Harare and rally behind him during his appearance before the Commission of Inquiry investigating into August 1 incidents tomorrow in a bid to “protect” the party leadership in case of any arrests.

Sources within the Harvest House told the Harare Post that Chamisa is afraid of being arrested for inciting violence in the post-election era which culminated into the August 1 incidents and that he has asked supporters to come and support him.

However, many high ranking officials seem to be back-tracking from the agenda of staging demonstrations in town with the Organising Secretary, Amos Chibaya being rumoured to have campaigned for the shelving of demos over the weekend.

Addressing a caucus meeting over the weekend, Chibaya concurred with the electorate that demonstrations would lead to violence. Meanwhile, Mwenezi East District Assembly chair Timitia Dziva shared Chibaya’s sentiments where he urged party supporters in the district not to attend the demonstrations as it would degenerate into violence.

Political scientists, however, told this publication that there is fear within the MDC that the demonstration might flop and that explains the immediate backtracking from the idea. They argued that Chamisa’s recent ‘Thank You’ rally in Chinhoyi pulled a small number due to Chamisa’s reckless utterances where he labelled his supporters as stupid.

It was evident that the numbers are nose-diving owing to the reckless utterances by Chamisa and there is fear that if they convene a demonstration tomorrow, it would flop.

MDC Youth leader, Happymore Chidziva is, however, during the weekend in Gweru incited youths to take to the streets if ever Chamisa gets arrested. Various social commentators have lambasted the youth leader for inciting acts of terror in the country and that if Chamisa has nothing to hide, why are they afraid of the outcome of the Commission of Inquiry appearance.