Ncube chastises MDC leadership

Dorcas Rumano

The Chairman of Alpha and Media Holdings (AMH), Trevor Ncube has lambasted the MDC leadership for their loose and provocative utterances following reckless statement by their Vice National Chairman, Job Sikhala, who openly declared that the MDC would overthrow President Emmserson Mnangagwa before 2023.

Posting on his official twitter handle, the AMH boss and Presidential Advisor Committee member posted that, “MDC politicians have a high propensity for reckless, toxic and inflammatory statements. No wonder their supporters think insults are their only weapon in winning hearts and minds. Freedom of expression is constitutionally guaranteed. Hate speech and incitement are not.”

Commenting on Ncube’s post, one netizen, Mathew Kunyeda replied, “True statement, I have been insulted by a lot of MDC supporters, instead of them arguing their points without insults.”

Former Editor of The Herald, Ceasar Zvayi also castigated MDC leadership saying, “MDC leadership has a number of lawyers in their ranks, but do not have any idea what the law is. They rely on student activism template to negotiate national politics. Mature opposition is needed.”

Another netizen, Kossam Musundire said MDC leaders should stop their student politics and behave like national leaders. He tweeted that, “They (MDC leaders) need to start acting like national leaders as they are an alternative Government. No more student activism, the country needs leadership moment from both the ruling and opposition party.”

Sikhala recently addressed a gathering in Bikita where he declared that, “The war and fight, we are going to take to the doorsteps of (President) Emmerson Mnangagwa. We are going to overthrow him before 2023 and that’s not a joke.”

MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa is also on record uttering similar treasonous statements.