Zimbabweans welcome Mupfumira’s dismissal

By Dorcas Rumano

Zimbabweans from all walks of life have hailed President Emmerson Mnangagwa on his decision to dismiss former Minister of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Mrs Priscah Mupfumira for her inappropriate conduct as a Cabinet Minister of Government.

Labour, Economists and African Democrats (LEAD) leader, Linda Masarira-Kaingidza commended President Mnangagwa for sacking Mupfumira saying he is sincere about fighting corruption.

Masarira-Kaingidza twitted that, “For the first time in the history of corruption cases involving ZANU PF senior members, I am seeing a glimpse of sincerity in dealing with corruption.  President Mnangagwa should sweep out all the chaff and ensure that all corrupt officials restitute what they siphoned from the State.”

New York Times Correspondent, Hopewell Chin’ono also hailed President Mnangagwa saying, “He has done the right thing, something which he should have done from day one. There should never be a place for any person in Cabinet who has been implicated in the rot that Prisca Mupfumira finds herself in. In fact she should have resigned, that is what decent people do!”

One netizen, Hillary Musarurwa also praised President Mnangagwa for firing Mupfumira. Musarurwa said, “That's the way to go. President Mnangagwa has done the right thing by dismissing Mupfumira. I hope those implicated in the NSSA Scandal will be expelled from Parliament and other public offices too.”

Another netizens, Musa Kasamba said, “The President was left with no other option but to wield the axe on Mupfumira. He has set the tone for all those who have been implicated in corruption. Evidence against Priscah is overwhelming and it's now a matter of how deep she is falling down and she knows it.”

Mupfumira is facing a litany of corruption charges based on criminal abuse of office during her tenure as Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister in 2017. The charges include fraud and money laundering among others.