ZAPU planning an alliance with MDC A

By TauraiMazwi

ZAPU executives and its members are divided over the issue of forming an alliance with MDC A in light of the factional feuds within the party.

This publication has been reliably informed by a highly placed ZAPU member in Bulawayo that some of its executive members are talking of joining MDC A.

“During one of our conversations with fellow ZAPU members it was suggested by some members that we get into an alliance with MDC A. They cited that ZAPU would provide the liberation ideology which is lacking in the MDC A. Some said that ZAPU could take advantage of the factional feuds bedevilling the MDC formations to play a ‘midwifery role’ they said,” he said.

He added that most of the ZAPU members were against the idea sighting how tribal MDC A leader Nelson Chamisa is.

“Most of the members however expressed dismay over the suggestion citing that MDC A promotes Shona supremacy. Chamisa appointed Shona Councillors in Bulawayo and people expressed their dismay but that fell on deaf ears.

“Chamisa is not someone most people would want to be associated with in politics because his agenda is not clear.  It feels like he is just a front. He is not serious, does not take anything seriously, everything seems to be a joke for him.

“We should instead take advantage of the divisions within the party to strengthen our party and mobilise support. We are organised and mature in politics compared to these new MDC A youngsters,” he said.

ZAPU is also making use of the Supreme Court ruling to see how it can take advantage of the opportunity as divisions within MDC A grow by the day. ZAPU has also been having problems of members jostling for positions within the party. ZAPU’s political life is also not stable, losing support and significance and with no representation in parliament.