Public safety guaranteed-ZRP

By Christopher Makaza

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has assured the public that they are fully protected from the opposition thugs who had threatened to unleash violence today in the name of peaceful demonstrations.

The ZRP has therefore urged the Zimbabwean citizens to continue with their daily activities without any fear.

Posting on its official Twitter handle, the ZRP said, "The ZRP wishes to advise the public that the security situation in the country is calm and peaceful. The public should continue with normal day to day activities with the full knowledge that their safety and security is guaranteed. "

Peace loving Zimbabweans have ignored the much hyped today's opposition demonstrations, where the MDC-Alliance and other regime change agents had planned to illegally demonstrate with a view to overthrowing President Emmerson Mnangagwa's constitutionally elected Government.

It is business as usual across the country with people going about their businesses today. Major retail shops like OK Zimbabwe, TM and other small retail shops, as well as pharmacies are open. Few people are in town, as most stayed at home fearing the outbreak of violence.

Meanwhile, Tajamuka/Sesijikile movement in conjunction with the Counselling Services Unit (CSU) had planned to engage in acts of sabotage during today’s demostrations.

CSU formerly known as Amani Trust is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) registered as a health clinic that provides medical and rehabilitation services to alleged victims of political violence in Zimbabwe, mainly those from the opposition.

A close contact within Tajamuka revealed to this publication that the arson attacks had been planned to target at vital installations such as Police Stations, Bridges and Government buildings among others. The team also reportedly meant to target houses of influential ZANU PF and Security personnel, attacking their families, killing their animals and torching their crops at their farms.

The Police have, however, indicated that they remain vigilant to all forms of attack by the opposition elements.