Chamisa now politically handicapped: Analysts

by Innocent Mujeri

Political analysts have described the ongoing recalls of the MDC Alliance legislators and councillors as a fatal political blow that might spell the demise of Nelson Chamisa’s political career.

Analysts further insinuated that the recall of Chamisa’s loyalists from both parliament and councils had handicapped the young politician as he no longer had control of council businesses.

Since the end of March 2020, when the Supreme Court ruled that Chamisa was an illegitimate leader of the MDC, the interim leader of the MDC-T, Thokozani Khupe, has been recalling legislators and councillors who continued to align themselves with the Chamisa’s formation.

Political analyst, Mr Tashinga Chabayanzara said the recall of the MDC Harare Councillors is a huge blow to Chamisa, as he usually used the Harare City Council to solidify his political power in the capital.

“Chamisa is now politically handicapped. It’s now clear that he has lost control of Harare Province. With 25 functioning councilors after the recall of 21 councilors by Khupe, Chamisa will find it difficult to control Harare City Council .If he can no longer control Harare, which is the opposition’s biggest support base, it simply means Chamisa is now taking his last strides to the political dustbin,” said Chabayanzara.

One Herbert Gonese further added that the one with power to recall legislators or councilors is the boss.

“It’s now clear who is the boss in the MDC. Chamisa’s loyalists were recalled from both parliament and council and he did not do an action as he has no power to do so. Those who are still following Chamisa are also walking with him to his political end as it is now clear that his days in politics are numbered,” said Gonese.

Emmanuel Charuma further said that the wise in the opposition should read the signs well as Chamisa is now a political nobody with no power to recall, expel or admit anyone in the party.

“My advice to the MDC Alliance people is that they must read the political signs well. It’s now clear that Khupe is the real deal and those who still view Chamisa as the leader of the opposition are either delusional or are still in a state of denial. The recall of the legislators and councilors must make MDC people know that Chamisa is now politically irrelevant,” said Charuma.

Chamisa’s formation has been accused over the years of using the MDC controlled councils to fund his party’s activities. However, analysts said that it’s now difficult for Chamisa to continue milking MDC-controlled councils as his loyalists have been booted from these councils.

“Look at Harare for instance, it’s now difficult for Chamisa to have his way in the council as the majority of the remaining councilors are loyal to Khupe. Even Chamisa’s man, Jacob Mafume, will find it difficult to pass a decision as much of council meetings  require at least 17 councilors to form a quorum. I doubt if Mafume will have a quorum to pass a resolution,” said one Wilbert Mufuka.

Meanwhile ,there is a plot to ouster the newly elected Harare Mayor through a vote of no confidence.

One councilor who confided in this publication said that it will be a miracle for Mafume to continue being a Mayor as he is currently presiding over a council that is not loyal to him.

“Mafume is likely going to ousted as a mayor through a vote of no confidence. Yes, it is not possible for Madam Khupe to recall him as he was previously a Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) member, but we as councilors we can pass a vote of no confidence in him. Just watch the space,” said the councilor who preferred anonymity.

The MDC is embroiled in political infightings that are threatening the continued existence of the 21-year-old opposition movement. Members are now heavily divided with others aligning themselves with the interim leader Khupe, while a few are still loyal to Chamisa.