Opposition parties are ideologically bankrupt: Gutu

by Innocent Mujeri

The opposition political parties in Zimbabwe are generally ideologically bankrupt and lacks clarity on what exactly they stand for, Obert Gutu has said.

Gutu, who is the former MDC-T spokesperson and prominent Harare lawyer tweeted yesterday that the opposition parties in Zimbabwe were only into politics for donor funds.

“Opposition politics in Zimbabwe is generally ideologically bankrupt and lacks clarity on what they stand for. It’s mostly NGO-driven political activism with a keen eye on foreign funding and foreign resource mobilization. This brand of politics is thus neither patriotic nor progressive,” said Gutu on his twitter handle.

Gutu’s sentiments were echoed by President of Labour, Economists and African Democrats (LEAD), Linda Masarira who said opposition parties in Zimbabwe only existed to advance the political agenda of the funder.

“Gutu is correct to a certain extent. I have learnt over the years that most opposition parties in Zimbabwe just exist for the donor funds whilst pushing the agenda of the funder to the detriment of innocent suffering Zimbabweans,” said Masarira.

Another Twitter user who goes by the name Gift Mashoko further said the opposition in Zimbabwe only cared about themselves and not the people.

“What Gutu is saying is so true especially for the MDC-Alliance because they don’t care about the people. They only care about pleasing their Western masters. What happens to the ordinary Zimbabweans is none of their business as long as their masters are happy,” said Mashoko.

Political analyst, Tashinga Chabayanzara said Gutu was correct to say that the opposition lacks clarity on what they politically stand for.

“I think Gutu is correct. The opposition surely lacks political clarity. Apart from saying ZANU PF must go, what other message do they have for the people? If the opposition continues like this with no political ideology as is currently the case, they will soon go into extinction,” said Chabayanzara.

The opposition has been trying to wrestle power from ZANU PF, but lack of political ideology has been their biggest let down.