MDC-A appeal for funds

by Political Writer

Beleaguered MDC-Alliance (MDC-A)’s bankruptcy has been exposed by Secretary General, Charlton Hwende’s naive appeal for funds from the electorate ahead of their 2023 election campaign.

In a supposedly attempt to ‘humiliate’ ZANU-PF, Hwende posted on his twitter that, “We must defeat ZANU-PF, they consider themselves a powerful force that they can starve us of financial resources at any time. I am challenging citizens to raise the same money, manage the money and fund our rural strategy tiwachise ZANU-PF. Let’s be proactive and defeat them,” he said.

This comes after the party was not allocated money under the Political Parties Finance Act.

Congruent with the law, ZANU-PF which received 70,03% of the votes in the last election was allocated seventy million and thirty thousand dollars. MDC which garnered 29,9% of the total vote cast got twenty-nine million, nine hundred and seventy thousand dollars.

This then left the illegitimate party (MDC Chamisa faction) with an egg on its face, hence the plea for funds from the public.

Unfortunately for Hwende, his dream of outwitting ZANU-PF was short lived as netizens took turns to remind him on how he had been fingered in a number of embezzlement cases in the party. Many dismissed the possibility of citizens funding their political activities given their previous history on abuse of funds and failure to come up with any developmental projects for the electorate.

Political analyst, Raymond Mwando also questioned this pathetic move advising the electorate to shun involvement with such a party.

“A political party which exalts itself as an organization of excellence should at least have money to fund its operations outside the Political Parties Finance Act. How then can it be an alternative government which it so claims? Clearly MDC-A has run its course,” he advised.