Hwende misfires, again

Political Reporter

Reckless MDC-Alliance Secretary General, Charlton Hwende has come under fire for causing uproar within the party over his unofficial utterances on social media.

This comes as Hwende insinuated that the MDC-A would boycott elections if Douglas Mwonzora retains the name MDC-Alliance.

Soon after the statement which caused a stir on the social media over the weekend, party spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere immediately stepped in to offer the party’s correct official position, to save face.

“MDC Alliance party positions are communicated through official communiqués following formal meeting resolutions,” Mahere said.

Mahere’s response attracted a huge backlash from livid party supporters for Hwende’s irrational, reckless and confusing statements at a time the fragile party is fighting against sinking into political oblivion.

 “Mhofu ngavadzokere kuleave zvavo kkkkk he brings too much confusion through his irresponsible messages," said John Tsvedemu. The SG is a powerful position that needs someone with a sober mind.

Hwende is just a whirlwind. Chamupupuri chinongoenda as long as he has said something, he is not bothered by the aftermath,” added Brian Jengera.

Others called for him to differentiate party position and personal opinion which was fomenting unnecessary confusion.

“Just tell him to use more of his personal account more than he uses his Party account. The SG account communicates official party information and position. It will be careless if he writes about his personal thoughts on the SG account,” lamented Boniface Chimbulu.

“Thank you for clarifying, can u please tell some of our leaders that it’s not a crime to say their views but they should clarify that it’s a personal view because we will take the party to task for something they don’t know, tell Mr Hwende that I’m losing faith in him,” added Shylock Shumba.

While others called for him to be relieved of his position. “Hwende should be investigated, or should be relieved from all his duties we can’t have a party SG who causes uproar every time when he opens his mouth,” Robbie Muti.

Political analyst, Tonderai Kanhukamwe said that this kind of confusion and infighting did not bode well for the opposition.

“Chamisa’s ability to lead is being put to scrutiny here. How can he just stand by while the house is on fire? He must prove his leadership by coming out and clearing the air because this pathetic way of communicating causes confusion on the electorate.”

The MDC-A party has had a fair share of confusion in its communication strategies leaving supporters unsure of the official position.

The MDC-A president has even acquired the title twitter president for his constant reliance on Twitter instead of using formal channels.