Self-hate won’t fix Zimbabwe-Gutu

by Staff Reporter

Former MDC-T vice president Obert Gutu says self-hate by MDC-Alliance and their failure to appreciate positive developments in the country is not healthy.

Posting on his twitter handle, Gutu says self-hate manifests itself in various ways, among them getting angry when something good about your country is mentioned, typical of the MDC-Alliance supporters.

“Self hate manifests itself in various ways for example trashing your country at every opportunity, failing to appreciate anything good about your country, getting angry when something good about your country is mentioned. It hurts some people when we say Zimbabwe is on the rebound,” says Gutu.

Supporting Gutu’s sentiments, LEAD leader Linda Masarira on her twitter handle posted, “We only have one Zimbabwe. There is no country under the sun without challenges. Bashing Zimbabwe for donor funding will not fix Zimbabwe. The first step to fixing Zimbabwe is to have national pride, working towards tolerance of diverse views and uniting for a purpose.

Political analyst Mr Tendai Muza says the main challenge with the MDC-Alliance is parentage; they always dance according to the tune of their masters.

“The opposition party was born by foreign parents whose interests are not Zimbabwean in terms of grassroots ideology. They always serve foreign interests and think their parents, America and Western Europe are big brothers. They lack maturity and will never appreciate anything by the ruling Government, no matter how good it is,” he said.

Mr Muza said the MDC-Alliance supporters loved megaphone politics. “They love crowds and often misbehave like what a donkey does before a grinding mill crowd,” he said.

The MDC-Alliance always plays blame games. To them, their internal power struggles, lack of ideological clarity, disregard of its own constitution, immaturity, blind activism, and disrespect for women and violence are all caused by ZANU-PF.