Thabitha Khumalo’s life under threat


…as factional fights heighten in MDC-A Bulawayo Province

MDC-A National Chairperson, Thabitha Khumalo’s life is under threat as violence and factional fights intensify in that party’s Bulawayo Province.

A source within the MDC-Alliance confided in this publication that a faction led by MDC-Alliance co-Vice President, Welshman Ncube was baying for Khumalo’s blood. Ncube’s faction reportedly deployed a team being led and organised by Bulawayo Pumula Councillor, Sikhulekile Moyo and Rita Ndlovu, Jessmane Toffa, Bajila Ndlovu to spray unknown substances, whenever Khumalo addresses structures, threatening her health. According to the source, Khumalo is currently not enjoying good health and the Ncube faction is taking advantage of that to disrupt her from addressing party structures.

“The National Chair is no longer comfortable addressing party structures, because whenever she does so, dangerous substances are sprayed disturbing her health. Welshman is fighting Khumalo and is targeting to neutralise her and we are no longer sure whether or not they want her dead? He has come out in the open that he does not want to work with Khumalo. As the Vice President, he should be seen to be moving around with President Chamisa across the country instead of fuelling factions in the party. It is disturbing that the party is not taking any action against the divisive Ncube faction,” lamented the source.

Another source within the MDC-Alliance Bulawayo Provincial Executive expressed to this publication that Welshman Ncube was revitalising his MDC-N structures and strategically positioning his former party members within the MDC-Alliance.

“He influenced the appointment of MDC-N members into the alliance’s National Executive. We can simply label Ncube as a traitor and sell-out. President Chamisa should open his eyes. Such dangerous operations being executed against Khumalo are a threat to the party’s growth and unity,” commented the source.

Ncube is being accused of furthering factional fights within MDC-Alliance and overstepping his mandate as the Vice President of the Party. He is being castigated for interfering with grassroots structures and influencing activities of the party in favour of his faction against Khumalo’s.

Ncube was not available for comment as his mobile phones were not reachable.