Second Republic takes road rehabilitation to new levels

Ronald Banda in Victoria Falls

The Second Republic under the leadership of President Mnangagwa has through the USD400 million Emergency Road Rehabilitation Program 2 (ERRP2), funded initiative and taken road rehabilitation works to new levels never seen before in the history of the country.

This was said by the Transport Minister Cde Felix Mhona in a speech read on his behalf by the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Thadeaus Chinyanga at the official opening of the two day ZINARA organised 2021 Roads Authorities Workshop which commenced this morning in the resort town of Victoria Falls.

Minister Mhona also told the local authorities that a good road infrastructure was a key catalyst to the National Development Strategy 1 which feeds into Vision 2030.

“The Second Republic under the able leadership of His Excellency, the President Cde ED Mnangagwa has committed to mobilise USD400 million towards this noble cause.

“As we speak, everyone of you here can be my witness that the New Dispensation has taken road rehabilitation to a level that has never been seen before.

“In every corner of Zimbabwe as we speak, there is a road project going on, funded by the Government. This is meant to facilitate trade and free movement of goods and people as we grow our economy towards an upper middle income status.

“As our President always says, brick upon brick, we are building a Zimbabwe that we are going to be proud of. The world over, road infrastructure is the backbone upon which the economy is built.

“As the Government of Zimbabwe, let me re-iterate that we are not going to leave anyone or any community behind in terms of road infrastructure development.”

He added: “It is impressive to see this massive gathering of people brought together in the aftermath and ravage of Covid-19 and this attests to your commitment as Road Authorities to the construction of a world class road network which is a key economic enabler as we march towards Vision 2030.

“A good road infrastructure is a key catalyst to the National Development Strategy 1 which feeds into Vision 2030.To that effect, this workshop has come at a very opportune time as the Government of the Second Republic has intensified the rehabilitation of our road network under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Program 2.”