Sikhala shouts vulgarities at funeral

Political Reporter

Mourners in Gutu were recently shocked when MDC Alliance senior member Job Sikhala took to the podium and started to spew vulgarities and other unprintable words that were directed at the country’s leadership and ZANU PF.

A source who spoke to this publication said that Sikhala attended the funeral of one Nyasha Zhambe in Gutu, Masvingo. Zhambe is alleged to have succumbed to injuries sustained during a fist fight at a local bottle store and Sikhala used the platform to attack the ruling Party.

“Over the weekend, Sikhala attended the funeral of Nyasha Zhambe who allegedly died from fist fight injuries. Sikhala begged for a chance to speak and was allowed to speak. Instead of consoling the mourning family, Sikhala started shouting some obscenities and vulgarities that were directed towards the country’s leadership. Mourners were shocked and some of them silently departed from the funeral as they could no longer take what Sikhala was saying,” said the source.

According to the source, a certain old lady tried to calm Sikhala down and pleaded with him not to speak vulgar words in the presence of the elderly. However, Sikhala blew his gasket and unleashed his vulgarities to the old lady, much to the chagrin of other mourners.

The source added that Sikhala started to widely insinuate that ZANU PF had a hand in the death of Zhambe and  tried to incite people to attack and kill all known ZANU PF members in that area.

“Imagine that Sikhala came all the way from Harare to incite people to kill each other. He rubbished all previous speakers who had said that Nyasha died because his day had come and blamed ZANU PF for the death. One wonders why Sikhala was blaming ZANU PF when it was known that the people that Zhambe had an altercation with were not ZANU PF members, but ordinary drunkards,” added the source.

According to the same source, Sikhala bragged at that funeral that he was the most violent man in Zimbabwe and said that he would soon unleash violence in the country, starting with Masvingo province. The source said that Sikhala urged MDC Alliance members to stock weapons in their houses as soon that party would give a signal to its members to attack ZANU PF members.

Efforts to get a comment from Sikhala were futile as his mobile phones were not reachable.