Chamisa climbs down on election boycott and Chigumba attack

by Brightface Mutema

The MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa has conceded that a continued attack on the electoral process was just but a wild goose chase, as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) showed a no nonsense stance by sticking to its guns to the dictates of the law and not to what the opposition wants.

Following the outcome of the Multi Party Liaison Committee Meeting held in Harare yesterday where the electoral body said it was not going to bow down to pressure form the opposition circles,  Chamisa called for a National Executive Council meeting at Harvest House in Harare today. Given the background to this where Chamisa would take nothing short of what favours him, many thought he was to press on with the vigils despite the ban by ZRP or announce that the Alliance was pulling out of the race.

The opposite came out to be true. Chamisa, whose face showed dejection and defeat, told journalists at a media briefing that they were not going to boycott the election since they had done what they could to influence the electoral process to no avail. He said what was left was for God to take care of.

“We are not boycotting this election. Winners don't quit. We have resolved to defeat both the referee and the player,” said Chamisa.

This was indeed a climb down of the decade which showed Chamisa that no man can go against the law and prevail. As if that was not enough, Chamisa retracted all the vilifications on the person of the ZEC Chair, Priscillah Chigumba.

He said that, “The disclosure of Justice Chigumba's bedroom issues was very unfortunate. Let's respect women of authority.”

It, however, was evident that Chamisa read a speech that he didn’t want to. Information obtained by this publication is that he was told bluntly in the NEC meeting that if he didn’t have the guts to contest then he be ditched for another candidate.