CCC members not receptive to contrary views-Chebundo

Political Reporter

Former opposition legislator Blessing Chebundo has described the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) members as cyber bullies who were not receptive to contrary views.

In a tweet today, Chebundo who has since defected to ZANU PF, said he left the opposition party because he couldn’t stand the usage of vulgar language by CCC members, to express their political views.

Regai ndinyore ne Shona.Pakutuka ma CCC munogona asi ndiyo weakness yenyu hombe yakaita kuti ndibve ku opposition ndichienda ku ZANU PF. Let’s engage as Zimbabweans. ZANU PF has civilised cadres who appreciate every member irrespective of who one is.

 “It has become a norm for the opposition to use scorn, vile and cyber bullying as a way to put across their skewed views,” added Chebundo.

Meanwhile, former MDC legislator Gabriel Chaibva said that CCC was bent on causing havoc in the country during the election period and has urged ZANU PF to be vigilant.

“Good morning Zimbabwe, just a reminder, CCC harbours remnants of the former Democratic Resistance Committee, a group that was trained militarily to cause havoc during the election campaign period. ZANU PF must be vigilant,” said Chaibva.

Chaibva has further apologised for playing a part in lobbying for the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West.

“Dear Zimbabweans, I am sorry for playing a part in lobbying for satanic illegal economic sanctions. This gave us (the opposition) millions (of America dollars) at the expense of millions of ordinary Zimbabweans whose livelihoods continue to deteriorate. The damage caused in two decades is immeasurable,” said Chaibva.

The opposition has perennially been blamed for aligning themselves with the West, who imposed illegal sanctions on the country that has brought suffering to the masses.