ZANU PF Youths include women in their elective congress

Staff Reporter

The just ended ZANU PF youth elective congress walked the talk on democracy and gender inclusiveness by allowing the people to select their own candidates and making it mandatory for one of the four candidates contesting to be female.

Speaking during a press conference yesterday, ZANU PF Political Commissar, Mike Bimha indicated that guidelines had to be followed in the selection process.

“The process involved ranking. Ranking had to be done across all provinces after the ranking we required nominees to indicate ranking that they wanted.

“Guidelines required at least one of the four candidates should be female.”

Bimha said that the final elections took place at the conference and all the ten provinces had equal representations and three female members made it to the top ten. He further stated that the new executive has a total of twelve female members which is 30% representation.

Bimha revealed that the position of Secretary is President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s prerogative, the reason why that position remains vacant.

He said that President Mnangagwa commended the outgoing executive while admonishing the commissariat to give all the necessary support of what is expected of the new Youth League Executive.

Bimha said the newly elected members will soon go to Chitepo School of Ideology and the commissariat will be working closely with them.

The new Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs is John Paradza.