Chamisa to establish secret offices

Political Reporter

Amid growing mistrust and factionalism within the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), that party’s leader, Nelson Chamisa is set to establish secret offices in Harare that will only be accessed by his close lieutenants.

A source who spoke to this publication said that there had been some mistrust issues between Chamisa and some senior party officers. The CCC leader no longer trusts some of his party members and he wants secret offices to safeguard that party’s operations from the preying eyes of treacherous CCC members.

“Chamisa has been complaining that CCC is full of snakes that might bit him anytime. He is no longer comfortable having offices that are easily accessed by his rivals such as Tendai Biti and Charlton Hwende as he no longer trust these two. He is now looking for a place to rent so that he can establish his secret offices that will only be accessed by his trusted lieutenants,” said the source.

The source added that Chamisa has tasked one of his trusted lieutenants, CCC interim member of the secretariat, Michael Mataruka, to urgently look for a spacious place to set up his offices.

“Chamisa has since directed Mataruka to urgently look for a place that he can convert to his private offices. Chamisa wants a place that would cost between US$1500.00 to US$2 000.00 in monthly rentals. Chamisa’s emphasis was that the place must be neat, spacious and secure,” said the source.

The same source added that it was baffling that Chamisa would want a place that costs so much when CCC was facing financial challenges.

“It’s inconsiderate for Chamisa to be ready to pay US$2000.00 in monthly rentals when the party is facing financial challenges. CCC is unable to conduct some of its programs due to lack of money but Chamisa has the audacity to throw away US$2000.00 per month. Why can’t he use that money to prepare for the 2023 elections?” said the source.

Meanwhile, there are reports that CCC might explode before the 2023 harmonised elections as some of its senior members were secretly plotting to dethrone Chamisa as that party’s presidential candidate arguing that he was politically weak to face off with the experienced ZANU PF candidate, President Mnangagwa.