Tamborinyoka criticises Chamisa

Political Reporter

Former Morgan Tsvangirai spokesperson, and Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) senior member, Luke Tamborinyoka is moonlighting for a book that criticises Nelson Chamisa.

According to a source, Tamborinyoka is assisting an author (name withheld); to write a book that describes Chamisa as the modern Idi Amini.

The source added that the book would expose Chamisa as a dictator who used unorthodox political means to elbow his rivals to get to the helm of MDC Alliance and eventually CCC.

“Tamborinyoka is assisting in the writing of a book that has damning information about Chamisa. In that book, Tamborinyoka is exposing Chamisa as a person who is a danger to himself as well as the democratic processes of the country. Ironically, Chamisa views Tamborinyoka as one of his close lieutenants,” said the source.

The source added that in that book, Tamborinyoka revealed that there was a growing cultism around the name and person of Nelson Chamisa.

According to Tamborinyoka, the cult movement has relegated even senior CCC members to the peripheries of that party’s affairs.

The source further said that the book was likely to be released to the public before the 2023 elections.

The same source added that Tamborinyoka wrote that CCC has shamefully allowed Chamisa’s battered personality to dwarf everyone and everything else, including the party itself.

Meanwhile, Tamborinyoka is being accused of hindering the success of that party’s Mugwazo rural mobilisation strategy in Goromonzi West constituency.

A source who spoke to this publication said that the Mugwazo programme has totally collapsed in Goromonzi West constituency due to continuous factional fights between Tamborinyoka and Dumani Charehwa.

Tamborinyoka is being accused of creating a group of people calling itself Team Tambo and this group has been blocking the Goromonzi West Mugwazo team lead by Charehwa and one Murape to carry out its activities.