Biti goes against Chamisa

Political Reporter

Rifts continue to widen between Nelson Chamisa and his co-deputy, Tendai Biti following the latter’s decision to approach the courts challenging the Delimitation Report.

A source who spoke to this publication said that Biti was not happy with how Chamisa ignored his recommendations on the gazetted Delimitation Report and has resolved to challenge the report at the court of law.

The source said that after the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) released the final Delimitation Report, Biti wrote a paper to Chamisa criticising the document. However, Chamisa dismissed Biti’s recommendations arguing that the report benefitted CCC more than any other party.

“Biti is contemplating approaching the courts challenging the gazetted Delimitation Report. Initially, he wanted that court case to be fronted by Chamisa on behalf of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). However, Chamisa disagreed with Biti on the court route arguing that the report was authentic and should not be tweaked for political expediency. Biti is now approaching the courts in his own capacity against Chamisa’s advice for all CCC members to embrace the report,” said the source.

According to the source, Biti is set to argue before the courts that the Delimitation Report has some isssues that should be addressed before elections are held. Biti will also pray before the courts for the postponement of this year’s elections until all aggrieved parties are satisfied with the Delimitation Report.

The source said that what Biti was doing did not carry Chamisa’s blessings or that of CCC party.  Furthermore, that party’s deputy national spokesperson, Gift Ostallos Siziba, issued a statement last week notifying the public that CCC would not challenge the Delimitation Report.

Meanwhile, opposition data analyst, Team Pachedu has reportedly joined hands with MDC-T leader, Douglas Mwonzora following its fallout with Nelson Chamisa over the final Delimitation Report.

Team Pachedu had hoped to work with Chamisa to challenge the final Delimitation Report gazetted by President Mnangagwa last month. However, Chamisa spurned Team Pachedu’s offer citing that the Delimitation Report was authentic and final save for few anomalies.