Pres Mnangagwa praised for landmark appointment of female AG

Staff Reporter

In a groundbreaking move, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has appointed Priscilla Mabhiza as Zimbabwe’s Attorney General, marking the first time a woman has held this esteemed position.

The decision has been widely celebrated across the nation, with citizens recognizing it as a significant stride toward gender equality and the empowerment of women.

Priscilla Mabhiza, a distinguished former High Court Judge, has garnered respect and admiration throughout her career.

Her recent elevation to the role of Attorney General is not only emblematic of her personal achievements but also reflects a broader national agenda prioritizing inclusive representation.

Maria Taneta, an employee at the Ministry of Women Affairs, Small and Medium Enterprise, expressed her pride, stating, "Witnessing a woman ascend to such a pivotal role is not just historic but transformative for Zimbabwe. I'm optimistic that Mabhiza's accomplishment will pave the way for many more women to venture into roles of significant influence."

Rumbidzai Makomo, another citizen, expressed her trust in Mabhiza’s capabilities.

"With her extensive legal background and unyielding dedication, I'm confident Mabhiza will excel as Attorney General. Her appointment instils faith in the administration's ability to recognize and position competent, deserving women in roles of authority."

President Mnangagwa's commitment to fostering gender equality is evident in his pattern of appointments.

Beyond Mabhiza's significant placement, President Mnangagwa has consistently championed the inclusion of women in key government roles. Noteworthy appointments include Tatenda Mavetera as the Minister of Information Communication Technology and Courier Services; Monica Mutsvangwa spearheading the Ministry of Women Affairs, Community, Small, and Medium Enterprise Development; and Kirsty Coventry, a household name, overseeing the Ministry of Sports, Recreation, Arts, and Culture, with Emily Jesaya serving as her deputy.

Political analyst Nobleman Runyanga said such appointments reaffirm President Mnangagwa's dedication to crafting an inclusive government structure, ensuring that women are not just represented but empowered to shape the nation's future.

“This shift towards gender inclusivity in governance is not merely symbolic. It is a tangible testament to the administration's acknowledgment of the essential role women play in nation-building. With the appointment of Mabhiza and other capable women in key positions, Zimbabwe is setting a precedence, championing the importance of diversified voices in the national dialogue,” said Runyanga.

As Zimbabwe progresses on its journey towards a more equal society, decisions like these underscore the importance of intentional leadership. It is evident that with leaders like President Mnangagwa at the helm, the nation is steering towards a more inclusive and progressive future.