Mozambique’s plan in place

Neusa Ferreira Marcelino, the Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe cluster managing director of CMA-CGM, talks to TOGY about whether the country’s ports are ready for potential oil and gas needs and the investment climate. CMA-CGM is an international shipping company offering logistics services for container transportation in more than 160 countries, including Mozambique.

On Mozambique’s competitiveness: “Mozambique is very small, although it looks big. When it comes to our business, it’s a very specialised niche market and the volumes are not as big as, for example, in South Africa. At this stage, Mozambique is similar to, but slightly smaller than, Kenya and Tanzania, which are the main competitors for us in terms of countries with port facilities.

Mozambique is still growing and developing with a huge potential, trying to catch up, and the market is really competitive right now exactly because everyone knows the potential of the country.“ -