Mozambique dedicates annual cultural festival to promote peace, social values

Mozambique's Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced on Wednesday that the 10th cultural festival to be held in the northern Mozambican province of Niassa will be dedicated to hail social values and reflect on peace and national unity.

"The national cultural festivals are organized to sensitize Mozambicans on how diversified this country is and that diversification should be the element to unify the country," said the national director of the cultural and creative industry, Roberto Dove.

The festival theme also celebrates and promotes women empowerment and sustainable development, which is an indicator of the government's commitment to empower women, according to the ministry authorities.

The national cultural festivals are extended to representatives from southern African region that will also exhibit their most traditional expressions through dance and plays.

The festival takes place between July 26-30 and expects around 3,000 participants from the country's 11 provinces and representatives from regional countries. - Xinhua