Those Killed by Ebola Outbreak in DR Congo Increase to 72

Since the appearance of the new outbreak, last Wednesday, August 1, there have been more than 111 cases between the two Congolese provinces where Ebola was found.

The probable death toll from the Ebola virus has increased to 72, since the appearance of the second outbreak in 2018 of this disease in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

This was reported by the Ministry of Health, through a bulletin published this Sunday that contains data until August 25, reporting that, of the deceased, 44 are confirmed cases of infection.

It adds that between the two infected provinces, North Kivu and Ituri, 111 cases of people with the virus have been reported, of which 83 are confirmed and 28 probable, while six others are still under investigation.

He also noted that of the 83 confirmed cases, 44 people have died, 25 are hospitalized receiving treatment and 14 have managed to completely overcome the disease.

An infected doctor

A doctor from the province of North Kivu was hospitalized with probable symptoms of Ebola, said the head of emergency operations of the World Health Organization (WHO), Peter Salama.

The doctor is among the 14 confirmed and probable cases of health professionals who entered the hospital with vomiting, hemorrhagic fever and diarrhea. Although the first test to which he was submitted came out negative, new results are expected after a second analysis.

Thousands of people vaccinated with an experimental treatment

In a joint collaboration between the Congolese Ministry of Health and the WHO, 3,591 people have been vaccinated with the experimental treatment called "rVSV-ZEBOV". -