ED’s economic interventions practical

by Derick Tsimba

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s economic interventions are practical and are promoting economic growth through opening up of industries and partnerships with the foreign based companies. Progress can now be recorded in the country’s economy which had been stagnant for a very long time.

Ever since the advent of the new dispensation in November 2017, President Mnangagwa showed unmatched zeal to initiate practical economic interventions.  The interventions are targeted at redirecting the country’s economic path towards economic development to make Zimbabwe a middle class nation not later than 2030.

With this in mind, ED has been opening up the country’s industries and mines. The new Government brought with it a new approach to the matters of improving people’s livelihoods and nation building.

These economic interventions being implemented by the new Government are not limited to the few mentioned below. Mashaba asbestos mine de-watering, Masvingo Cold Storage Commission (CSC) re-opening, Zisco Steel Deal, Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company tasked to increase output, Mutoko Solar project, Sanyati-Kadoma 100km road dualisation, Command Agriculture progress, Command Housing and the Presidential Input Scheme timely distribution.

Work at Mashaba asbestos mine had been stalled by the water table which had made it difficult for miners to extract the mineral resource from the water logged mine shafts. Following Government intervention early this year, the mine recently started the de-watering process, after completion of the de-watering phase before year end, at full operation the mine should employ more than 1400 miners and it should contributed to the nation’s economic development as well as that of Masvingo Province.

Masvingo CSC had been lying idle for some time, the new Government initiated the recapitalisation of the sleeping giant and National Social Security Authority (NSSA) indicated that it would furnish the company with up to $14 million which should see CSC operating at full throttle soon. The move by the new Government goes a long way in promoting beef farmers and reclaiming the country’s foreign beef market as the country became renowned abroad for its natural organic beef. Such a development creates a boost in animal husbandry which should see the country increasing its beef exports and foreign currency earnings.

The construction of Tokwe-Mukosi dam brought with it many economic developments for Masvingo Province, currently the water capacity potential of the dam should irrigate 250 000 hectares of land, a major boost for the agriculture sector given the effects of climatic change on farming. A $20 million hydropower electricity project facilitated by Government should contribute 15 mega watts of electricity to the national grid easing the country’s power outages.

The dam should also promote tourism activities and command fishery which the new Government recently launched at the dam. Thousands of families are set to benefit directly and indirectly from activities centred on Tokwe-Mukosi Dam as the new Government ensures that economic activities that change people livelihoods positively continue to be implemented at grass root level.

The new Government’s task involves a journey of turning around our nations fortunes through international business re-engagement. The future looks bright under the ED administration.