Chamisa, Western Embassies stage abductions

By Philemon Mutedzi

…implements dilemma action strategy

The MDC Alliance, in concert with Western embassies and civil society organisations, has resorted to civil disobedience and stage-managing abductions in a bid to deflect attention from the implosion in that party.

A series of events has led to the unfortunate desperate choreographed abductions which are aimed at inviting the international spotlight on Zimbabwe, at a time the country is seeking financial help to fight COVID-19 and its attendant devastating effects on the economy.

Faced with open defiance by MPs who have declared that they would not heed Nelson Chamisa’s unilateral decision for them to disengage from Parliament in solidarity with the four recalled legislators, the Chamisa faction is at sixes and sevens.

Cognisant of the foregoing situation, Chamisa hosted an emergency virtual national executive meeting on Tuesday, where G-40 stalwart, and now MDC activist, Prof Jonathan Moyo participated.

Sources who participated in the virtual meeting revealed that Prof Moyo urged the MDC Alliance to abandon democratic processes completely pursuant to waging a revolution. Moyo indicated that the MDC Alliance should employ a twin strategy of carrying out numerous spontaneous flash acts of disobedience, as well as con-currently mount a diplomatic offensive. This he said would set the tone for a violent revolution to remove the ZANU PF Government.

MDC Alliance Secretary General, Charlton Hwende, reportedly suggested that in order to derive maximum mileage from the twin strategy, they had to use female party members so as to attract the attention of women’s rights groups, if they are arrested. He added that, even if the Police were to just disperse them without arresting them, they would employ the Magombeyi strategy. The strategy involves stage-managing abductions and human rights abuses as a means to attract international condemnation.

Pursuant to putting into motion the twin-strategy, MDC youths led by Harare West legislator, Joanna Mamombe, staged a flash demonstration in Warren Park and immediately went into hiding. The impeccable source said that Hwende started flooding social media with claims that three female MDC activists had been abducted.

In line with the Prof Moyo strategy, Western embassies, mainly the United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), European Union (EU) and Canada, issued statements mimicking the false claims by Hwende.

The source added that, true to the script, women’s rights groups led by Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe issued statements calling for the “return” of the three women from the authorities.

LEAD leader, Linda Masarira, who is privy to the opposition shenanigans of stage-managing abductions to discredit Government, having been a member of the MDC family before, confirmed the schemes on Twitter.

“Cognisant of the Sarkozy tactics which the MDC-A youth have tried time and again to implement of creating a dilemma for government ‘dilemma action.’ I decided to do my own investigation in regard to the allegations that the MDC-A trio of Joana, Cecilia and Netsai have been arrested and have been advised that no arrests were made of any MDC-A youth who was protesting today. Vana ava ngavarege kuita hondo nemutemo,” said Masarira.

She further warned the MDC-A not to create a crisis for Government at a time it is fighting the COVID-19.

“The dilemma actions which they learnt in Cape Town and Livingstone will not work, and neither do they serve the interests of suffering Zimbabweans. It is quite irresponsible to try and create another dilemma for a government which is already in a dilemma with Coronavirus,” lamented Masarira.

The revelations by Masarira dovetail with the “sudden” reappearance of the three “missing” women along the Domboshava Road. Just like similar false claims of abduction and torture by Dr Peter Magombeyi and Samantha Kureya, the women do not have even a single scratch indicating torture.

Sources at Amnesty International told Harare Post that the organisation had pledged to facilitate asylum for all women who would be involved in the staged abductions in a country of their choice, in a similar fashion to what it did for Magombeyi and Evan Mawarire and family.

The Police has since said that they have not yet arrested the three as well as their accomplices who demonstrated in Warren Park in defiance of lockdown regulations. On its part, the Police has already notified their lawyers to present the suspects on charges of contravening lockdown regulations.

Meanwhile, in order to give traction to the Prof Moyo twin-strategy, the ZCTU under the guise of mobilising demonstrations for a cost of living adjustment, is organising the worker constituency to progress the MDC-A civil disobedience plan.