The madness in CSOs political operations can’t go unchecked

Last Mukwende

Western countries have been relentlessly fighting for regime change in Zimbabwe despite the fact that it is against the dictates of international law to meddle in internal affairs of a sovereign country.

The U.S and its allies have been funding rogue civil society organisations (CSOs) to stage manage demonstrations and to fake abductions, among other unfounded acts in order to label the Government a human right violator. Such acts have thus created grounds for the West to call for the so-called “reforms” and same has been used to maintain the illegal sanctions on the country.

The election season usually witnesses a proliferation of these machinations by the local CSOS, whilst their western handlers pour in huge sums of money to oil their machinery. It’s not surprising then that the Embassy of the Netherlands in Zimbabwe in March 2022 was pleased to announce funding opportunities for Zimbabwean civil society organizations under the Human Rights Fund (2022-2025). It is purported that

The Human Rights Fund is one of the instruments used by the Dutch government to achieve tangible results in the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms worldwide. In Zimbabwe, the Dutch human rights fund is meant to support activities in human rights priorities, such as freedom of expression, freedom of information and internet freedom, including media & journalism, equal rights for LGBTQI persons, and, support for human rights defenders.

The embassy indicated that the funding was open to registered, independent, non-partisan Zimbabwean CSOs operating in Zimbabwe. It is not surprising that the Netherlands embassy has timed the funding for rogue CSOs to gain traction on human rights issues ahead of the 2023 Harmonised General elections. It should be understood that CSOs publicises negative narratives about Zimbabwe in order to get funding.

These narratives also serve another purpose, propping up the opposition political parties who are also on the same western payroll to effect regime change. The same goal several of these CSOs have appended their signature which has seen them undergone training workshops facilitated by the Center for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategies (CANVAS) to subvert the Government.

To quell the madness that has existed in the politicised CSOs and their cashvists personnel, Government has thus crafted the Private Voluntary Organisation (PVO) Bill, which would be instrumental in the effective and efficient monitoring of such organisations and their funding as well as their interference in internal politics of the country.