Philemon Mutedzi

Zimbabwe has been a country that has grappled with the noose wound on it during both colonial and post-colonial times. The cruel colonial regime strangled black Zimbabweans, both politically and economically. The protracted liberation struggle ensured the stage was set for Zimbabwe to attain, firstly, political independence, and secondly, economic independence. The latter, however, is proving to be a tad difficult to attain given the octopian stranglehold that white monopoly capital has over third world resources.

By Derick Tsimba

The MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa continue to bury his head in the sand to the deep-rooted corruption in the MDC-A-led councils, resultantly failing to address the situation which continues to undermine service delivery in urban local authorities.

By Charles Motsi

Yesterday, 2 February, the chete chete brigade went into a frenzy wishing happy birthday to their leader Nelson Chamisa who turns 43, but the big question is, is there really anything to celebrate and are they not just making noise over a lifetime of failure and deception?

by Brian Dlamini

A perusal of the Zimbabwe Covid-19 daily update compiled by the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC) gives insight into the statistics of the deadly pandemic which is still infecting and claiming more Zimbabweans with each passing day. This calls for the public to continue to be vigilant and take all the precautionary measures as spelt out by the health authorities and World Health Organisation (WHO).

by Grace Chekai

Zimbabweans need to be warned over propagating malicious falsehoods. Members of the opposition party MDC Alliance have perfected this diabolical propaganda technique in pursuit of their “Kudira Jecha” strategy meant to mess up with Government`s efforts in turning around the economy, in a bid to topple it.

by Derick Tsimba

Zimbabwe has potential to regain its bread basket status in Southern Africa following the various initiatives by the New Dispensation to get the country’s agriculture sector back on track.

By Charles Motsi

The Covid-19 pandemic has surely turned the world on its head in every aspect imaginable, be it economically, socially and even the politics has been affected.   The world now waits to see what will be left of people’s lives after this unfortunate global phenomenon, if and when it ever subsides.

By Derick Tsimba

Africa Factbook has become a platform that will assist Africans to read and store their history accurately.  Despite Africans having been side-lined in the world’s history by colonialists and depicted as underdeveloped as well as being backward, they also have their success stories.