Zimbabwe: the struggle for sovereignty & self-determination


The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on 26 June 2018 approved bipartisan legislation introduced by U.S. Senators Jeff Flake and Chris Coons, both members of the committee, to lay the framework for U.S. relations with the Government of Zimbabwe.

While the Southern African country has embraced a new dispensation, and incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa set the framework for free, fair and credible elections – the U.S. remains etched in the past.

It has overtly refused to accept, acknowledge and support attempts by Government in its budding efforts to re-engage the international community.

It is another typical clinical study of the grieved child that stubbornly refuses consolation with the intention to get even in the future.

So be it!

But Zimbabwe must move on and must do so – with tenacity, without fear of past retribution from the U.S. or the #IC.

In its thoroughbred and revolting attitude towards anything that does not bend to its dictates, the U.S. continues to exhibit its foreboding collective ego.

Let the U.S. be reminded that its hands drip of the blood of innocent victims of the unjustified wars, invasions and interventions since time immemorial.

Its long standing ally, the UK has overtly accepted what has happened in the country and expressed willingness to support it.

The U.S. must respect, uphold and adhere to the statutes of the State sovereignty and self-determination as enshrined in the Vienna Convention.

Let also the U.S. be reminded here that its blatant, relentless and stubborn disregard of the United Nations Security Council resolutions in other international matters continues to cast a dark shadow on world peace and security.

The United Nations as part of its mandate is to ensure that member States adhere to its resolutions. However, the U.S. continues to undermine this international body and its sacrosanct ideals.

Le the U.S. be told boldly that Zimbabwe has moved on.