By Bevan Musoko

Once upon a time, Felix Nhlanhlayemangwe Ndiweni controversially assumed the Ndiweni Chieftainship on 22 August 2014 following the death of his father, Chief Khayisa Ndiweni who had held the post for over five decades. His ascension to the throne was without controversy as his brother, Joram, filed a High Court application challenging his nomination for the Chieftainship on the grounds that Nguni customs, practices and norms recognise the eldest son as the heir to the throne. With the support of his mother, Agnes, and, as it is coming out now, G40 elements in ZANU PF then occupying influential positions in Government, Felix eventually triumphed over his brother. The new Chief spent over 28 years staying in the UK.

By Rudo Saungweme

Cultural tourism in Zimbabwe has become one of the major forms of income generators boosting the economy. This is because of the history it gives about lifestyles and the way people lived in the past. Cultural tourism needs to be taken seriously although it is one side of tourism that some Zimbabweans tend to ignore.

By Claver Nyuki


…as it adds its growing voice against illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Upon his ascendancy to the Presidency of Zimbabwe, President Emmerson Mnangagwa quickly made known his ambition to project a different path to the one set by his predecessor, Robert Mugabe.

By Nobleman Runyanga

The much-hyped MDC’s 16 August 2019 demonstration in Harare fell flat on its face despite the spirited attempts by some of its impressionable and excitable youths to defy the prohibition order issued on the eve of the ill-fated event by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP). The event turned out to be largely much ado about nothing but not without some insights on the MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa, his executive and the party in general.

By Gift Mashoko

SADC countries have declared October 25 as solidarity day against illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe. This came out in a communiqué at the 39th SADC Summit of the Heads of State and Government that was read out at the close of the high-level meeting in Tanzania recently.

By Ashley Kondo

Zimbabwe’s main opposition, MDC, is scheduled to take to the streets to protest against a supposedly deteriorating standard of life for citizens on 16 August 2019.

By By Elijah Chihota

ZANU PF is like a sleeping giant which is often teased by smaller political parties which have no political ideology. The Party works in very mysterious ways to such an extent that when people think it is now finished, it wakes up and delivers a devastating blow to the opposition as it did during the 2013 harmonised election when it won overwhelmingly and putting a final nail to the MDC short-lived stint in Government thanks to the Global Political Agreement which ushered in the inclusive Government (GNU).

By Dakarai Tembo

It is only days before Zimbabwe celebrates the selfless sacrifices by both the living and departed ‘sons and daughters of the soil’ who snatched the country from the snares of colonialism through the protracted liberation war.