The Day NPF Forgot History is Sacrosanct


National Patriotic Front (NPF) is a party of rebels; must be seen in that disregard and treated with contempt at any given time.

When and only if, it is looked at in that regard, would one understand its vain attempt to make it the proprietor/sole proprietor of the history of the Struggle/ vis-à-vis ZANU-PF.

Professor Jonathan Moyo and his cohorts are at it again. Gifted intellectually, but a cursed lot.

What is absurd is the brazen fact that they are entirely responsible for the eventual demise of Robert Mugabe.

That being as-it-may he remains an icon, an icon of the Struggle, a walking compendium of History.

A history as a nation regardless of our political ambiguities must seek to protect, honour and cherish.

And we must never let an insignificant enclave of self-righteous bigoted idiots called NPF lay claim to this national heritage.

Their campaign posters or regalia carry the unmistakable images of Mugabe and the late Vice-President, Joshua Nkomo. As if, to imply they are now the legitimate guardians of this rich heritage.

What rank hypocrisy.

Mugabe would be very bitter the day he comes to that painful realisation, that it was G40 and not his long standing protégé, now incumbent President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, that squandered his legacy overnight, like the Biblical prodigal son wasted his Father’s inheritance.

NPF must be told boldly that they cannot patronise Mugabe and Nkomo.

I bet my last dollar that Nkomo (God rest his soul) must turning in his grave, tormented to see what has become of Mugabe now.

What the G40 cabal is unforgivable, unthinkable and must not be permitted to happen to any living soul.

History will judge these minions punitively for what they did to Mugabe and trying to tear ZANU PF apart.

Prof Moyo and his unrepentant cohorts must be forewarned that one day is one day, a day will come when Karma will hold them accountable for Mugabe’s eventual demise.

…they must be forewarned that a day will come when those that study History as a subject will read about them and curse them.

…they must be forewarned that a day will come when the wrath of Mugabe will fall on them.


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