The MDC-T Wars: Part of the scourge of Foreign Policy & Influence in African Politics.


The historical burden

What is it about African politics that warrants international attention to the point of sacrificing social ties and identity – the essence of Ubuntu? 

Ubuntu is the philosophy that defines and shapes our core values, roots and history in a fast changing world, called the global village.

From the rise of African States, their transformation into kingdoms and eventual mutation into nation-states during colonisation – this (sickening) influence is obvious.

Back to the crux of the matter today, the serial wars that have haunted the MDC and its various proxies, formations or appendages.

MDC-T after Tsvangirai

Every major shift in history had its ramifications.

The death of MDC founding leader, the late, Morgan Tsvangirai, was not exempt to this concrete equation of history.

I must be forgiven for making the premature assumption that Zimbabwe is now living in post MDC-T era.

One of the foremost, mercurial and menacing opposition parties since the country attained independence in 1980 is fast receding from the purview of the sun and its rays.

This demise can only be explained, dissected and understood through historical lens; it is closely related to the fall of many an African states, such as the Mutapa state and Dahomey kingdom after the advent of Europeans.

MDC-T has split along the lines of Western and European ideological underpinnings; the Chamisa faction falling in the Western axis and Khupe faction in the European axis. God forbid!

These are two factions, whose leaders have dined together before, now failing to realise the destructive forces at the center of their acrimonious divorce.

Perhaps the greatest trick these forces have successfully pulled on Africans, since time past, has been to make them believe they are one.

MDC dined with the enemy for too long a time that they now fail to differentiate between keen & foe. The two have somewhat become one and blurred.    

The above supposition is self-evident in the substantive young and cunning MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa’s, unwavering insistence that America would bankroll their operations.

In no time will the other faction come clean on who is bankrolling their project. And your guess is as good as mine.

The morning after

The feuding factions will not be able to satisfy the burning expectations of the opposition supporters, who are vainly hoping they can unite before the watershed elections.

It is not in their will, to do so. This is rightly so, because both factions don’t share the same ideological inclinations anymore.

There’s another looming ZANU PF victory in the horizon that is as certain as sunrise. A disintegrated opposition cannot defeat ZANU PF. Never!