Let’s give President Mnangagwa a chance


Whenever one is given a task, duty or role to perform in the interest of serving the citizens, many expectations and positive results will be anticipated.

The citizens will indeed expect change, thus from the previous state of affairs into something positive, but however, it should be noted that change does not happen overnight.

Indeed, it is worrisome that after the Zimbabweans marched against the former President, Robert Mugabe’s leadership, who had failed the nation in both development and politics for almost three decades, some few citizens are reluctant to give President Mnangagwa a chance to transform Zimbabwe.

When he assumed office on 24 November 2017, President Mnangagwa has been working tirelessly to improve the status of the nation. In almost every day of his tenure in office, President Mnangagwa has been occupied with national programmes that are specifically meant to promote economic growth.

Unfortunately, they are detractors who fail to appreciate and complement the efforts that the President and his new administration are making towards rebuilding Zimbabwe.

It’s quite certain that President Mnangagwa is a tried and tested leader. Having been a Minister of different ministries, a leader of National Assembly and Vice President of the country, his elevation to become the President will actually add value in boosting his working experience, thus shaping him into a good leader who will unquestionably transform the fortunes of this country.

In previous months some sections of the media were busy campaigning for the opposition, through discrediting President Mnangagwa. Most of the articles that were published in their publications misinformed the public, stating that nothing good is expected to come from President Mnangagwa when to the contrary his background has proved he is a very hard worker.

It is imperative to note that President Mnangagwa has a proven track record of his accomplishments that can be easily be listed. Unfortunately, the privately owned media and a number of analysts focus their attention on mistakes rather than achievements.

For instance, in 2016, President Mnangagwa spearheaded a Government programme, Command Agriculture. Due to President Mnangagwa’s hard work and commitment to work, the programme yielded positive results as farmers reaped a bumper harvest and most Grain Marketing Board silos were almost full nationwide.

The people of Zimbabwe should recognize the meaningful contributions that President Mnangagwa has been putting on the economic development table and elect him during the 2018 presidential election for the nation building to continue so as to achieve his vision of making Zimbabwe a middle income economy by 2030.

Another constructive example of economic development that President Mnangagwa accomplished was when he was then Defence Minister. Thus, President Mnangagwa, through his hard work and initiative a state of the art Defence College was built in Harare.

Good leaders know quite well that they are not simply in charge of making plans and reaching targets, but they are rather responsible for making sure that their country is doing what it is meant to do, and ensuring that the standards of living of the people are improved.

President Mnangagwa is a leader who has a vision, takes initiatives, influences people, makes proposals, organizes logistics, solves problems and most of all takes responsibility of the country’s needs.

The President has always been saying that he is a servant leader. Servant leadership simply means delivering the needs of the people.

While addressing a ZANU PF rally in Beitbridge recently, President Mnangagwa was quoted saying, “Even I as President I am a servant. So who should not be a servant if I am a servant of the people?  We derive authority from you the people so you have power over us, because you are the ones who bestow authority on us.”

Therefore, Zimbabweans should be encouraged to rally behind President Mnangagwa in the coming election. As the President with less than a year in that office, the Head of State needs a chance to accomplish what he has started.

It should be known that the complex challenges that exist in our country will require a leader who is able to lend an active hand and work together with his people in solving them.

President Mnangagwa has my vote as he has proven he is a capable leader from his short duration in office.