Dear Zimbabwe

I hope and trust that I find you well, masking up, maintaining social distance and washing hands.

As we may all remember vividly the number of community infections in the country surged between December 2020 and January, 2021 as people relaxed during the festive season and stopped observing preventive measures imposed by the Government in line with World Health Organization (WHO) protocols. lt is my humble plea that we observe the COVID-19 regulations so that the same won’t happen this Easter Holidays.

The high number of infections and deaths at the beginning of 2021 pushed the Government to impose another painful, but necessary lockdown once more on January 5, 2021, resulting in the decline of new infection figures.

Having said this, it is now a responsibility of all of us to avoid yet another necessary lockdown by observing COVID-19 preventive measures outlined by the Government in line with WHO protocols.

We have walked the path before, a lockdown is necessary, but it inconveniences most of us in a great way. It curtails our freedoms such as freedom of association in churches, bars and other social gatherings. It restricts our movements to see relatives and friends. It cuts our income streams.

So fellow Zimbabweans to avoid another lockdown, let’s limit our movements during this Easter holidays and avoid any gathering were possible.

Yours in Love

Tirivanhu Kateera