Let’s avoid another lockdown extension by all means necessary

Dear Zimbabwe

I hope and trust that I find you well, masking up, maintaining social distance and washing hands.

As we may all reminisce vividly, the month of July 2021, was the worst month in the history of COVID-19 in the land between Zambezi and Limpopo. In the said month, over 1 700 COVID-19 deaths were recorded in the country. If not for the valiant efforts by our Government, law abiding citizens and other stakeholders, figures could have been worse.

The number of community infections in the country surged also between June and July, 2021 as people relaxed assuming that the storm was over yet the worst was yet to come.

Some ignorant people wantonly stopped observing preventive measures imposed by the Government in line with World Health Organization (WHO) protocols. It is my modest imploration that we observe the COVID-19 regulations so that Government will find it practical to lift the lockdown measures or at least relax measures to Level 1 or 2.

The high number of infections and deaths at the beginning of winter pushed the Government to impose another painful, but necessary lockdown once more. Hope was that infections and deaths would drop. Alas, the opposite happened mainly because we still have amongst us citizens who are stiff-necked and selfish; they are not observing preventive measures imposed by the Government in line WHO protocols.

It is against this background that behavioural change is called for if we are to avoid yet another necessary lockdown extension.

We have experienced the lockdown before, kumhunga hakuna ipwa , a lockdown is necessary, but it inconveniences most of us in a great way. It restrains our liberties such as freedom of association in churches, bars and other social gatherings. It restricts our movements to see relatives and friends. It cuts our income streams. It restricts our cultural obligation to attend funerals. It retards economic development.

So fellow Zimbabweans to avoid another lockdown extension, let’s limit our movements at all times, avoid any gathering where possible, wash hands 70x7 times a day, wear masks properly and any other preventative measure you may take.

May your Maker bless you.

Yours in Love,

Tirivanhu Kateera