SMEs Association of Zim promoting business growth

In their statement, the SMEs Association said, “SMEs should approach us and get access to products and services that help them to grow or start-up, small or medium-sized enterprise into large corporations. We provide support services in the following areas; growth strategy, business and action planning, access to markets, access to funding, capacity-building (training) for you and your staff, infrastructure (work-spaces), lobbying and advocacy.”

Harare Post has learnt that the SMEs Association of Zimbabwe has been registered as a non-profit making organisation that helps with business start-ups, growing SMEs business to Large Corporations.

The SMEs Association of Zimbabwe provides support services to promote the shared vision with the second Republic of Zimbabwe. It endeavours to see the country’s SMEs sector growing rapidly and becoming vibrant internationally participating on the global market.

In Harare, the association is located at 6th Floor Batanai Gardens Corner First Street/Jason Moyo Avenue.