ZIMRA releases list of duty free and dutiable goods

by Zivanai Dhewa

People from all walks of life have hailed the Government for the release of a list of duty free and dutiable goods ahead of the festive season.

Commenting on his twitter handle, Nomandla Ndiweni said “we almost wrote the Christmas celebrations off, but with the release of goods on rebate, Government has given us Christmas.

“I realise that it’s sustainable to buy household goods in South Africa, for a month’s consumption until I can redeem my next rebate,” he added.

Following the announcement made by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development on 22 November 2018, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), released a list of approved quantities under traveller’s rebate in line with SI237A of 2018.

Washing powder 4kgs, animal oils, fats 5litres or 5kg, rice 25kgs, Marcaroni 5kgs, fertilisers 10bags, cement 10bags, body creams 1x box of 6, ceramic tiles, 40square metres, bath tubs 2, tissues 1x 50 pack are some of the items on the list.

The issuance of Statutory Instrument 122 has opened up a huge competition for the local retailers, and manufacturers who are currently forced to review their production quality to meet regional and international standards and also to review their pricing lest they lose customers to imports.

ZIMRA further released a list of dutiable goods.

“Some of the goods for which duty will be charged in foreign currency include; motor vehicles, whiskies, wine, ciders, vodkas, brandy, some cigarettes, perfumes, make up preparations, suitcases, trunks, handbags, household linen and manicure and pedicure preparations,” read part of the statement.

Clarifying on excess of the approved limits, ZIMRA explained that duty will be calculated on the excess.

“If a traveller imports 7 shirts, four of the shirts will be allowed duty free under traveller’s rebate whilst the remaining three will be charged full duty.

“This implies that importation of such goods will attract duty at the prescribed rates despite the fact that the value might be under the duty free allowance of US$200.00,” concluded the statement.

As party of the austerity measures meant to build Zimbabwe, the Minister of Finance and Economic Development while delivering his speech, emphasised on the need to pay for duty in foreign currency especially for non-essentials such as luxury vehicles. The measure will go a long way in helping Zimbabwe achieve the upper middle income economy by 2030.