Commission exposes Chamisa

One should have seen the look on Chamisa’s face when the esteemed Commissioner diplomatically indicated to him that he is way too small for the late Morgan Tsvangirai’s shoes as the latter was more mature.

The opposition wishes to use illegal and violent means of advancing its agenda and expect Zimbabwe and the world to cheer it on. It expects everyone to stand with it whether or not its “cause” makes sense. Last week the faction’s legislators refused to recognise President Emmerson Mnangagwa by walking out of Parliament upon his entry but when it came to the responsibility for the consequences of its protest on 1 August, it suddenly remembered that the President was the appointing authority of the Commission in his capacity as the constitutional leader of this nation.

The opposition leader, who touts himself as a brilliant lawyer, leads a political party which was built on the foundation of the labour movement but was the employer’s lead lawyer in the 2015 Zuva Petroleum case whose judgement allowed employers to dismiss their workers on three month notice leading to the firing of over 20 000 people.

With such a confused and conflicted crew on the deck it is no wonder the party has failed for 19 solid years to unseat ZANU PF.


Nobleman Runyanga