CCC's second recall sparks internal upheaval

Speaking to this publication, a confidential source within the CCC revealed how the party is yet again embroiled in a severe internal crisis marked by a second wave recalls orchestrated by Tshabangu.

According to the source, the news of the second round of recalls has left that party's members in a state of turmoil and on a witch hunt, with many desperately seeking ways to influence Tshabangu's decisions.

“This development has led to an intense scramble within the party to find a way to persuade Tshabangu to reverse his decision. These recalls have created a climate of fear and suspicion that is tearing the party apart as many are left insecure about their positions within the party," the source revealed, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

According to the source, in an attempt to quell the storm, Amos Chibaya, the CCC's Movement Mobiliser, reportedly reached out to Welshman Ncube, a suspected Tshabangu handler, hoping to leverage his influence to halt the recalls.

"Chibaya has been actively lobbying Ncube to intervene and persuade Tshabangu to cease the recalls. However, Ncube appeared to be powerless in this situation,” said the source.

Additionally, after this setback, the source further revealed that Chibaya had become increasingly convinced that Ncube, together with Charlton Hwende, Tendai Biti, and Jacob Mafume, were clandestinely orchestrating these recalls.

"Chibaya is certain that these four were plotting against Chamisa, using the recalls as a weapon to undermine his leadership. He believes they are pretending to be innocent while secretly orchestrating these events," revealed the source.

Meanwhile, political analyst, Terence Chipwanya weighed in on the crisis within the CCC, saying the internal strife within the CCC only exposed their lack of capability to govern effectively.

"What we are witnessing is a display of the CCC's inability to govern itself efficiently. These internal conflicts are a testament to the kind of leadership under Chamisa. It remains to be seen how this drama will unfold,” Chipwanya stated.