Tshabangu takes legal action to recall MPs who defied party recall

Harare Post Reporter

In a decisive turn of events, Sengezo Tshabangu, Secretary General of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has initiated legal proceedings against party Members of Parliament (MPs) who, despite being recalled, defiantly filed nomination papers for the December 9, 2023, by-election.

Expressing his stance on X (formerly known as Twitter), Tshabangu voiced his discontent with these MPs, highlighting their unauthorised participation in the upcoming by-election.

"It's a matter of legal integrity and common sense. MPs who were recalled should not have filed nomination papers under the CCC banner without official endorsement. Our party did not authorise these submissions, making them invalid. We cannot condone such lawlessness," Tshabangu stated.

Furthering his commitment to uphold party discipline, Tshabangu disclosed that he had approached the High Court to disqualify all candidates who misused the CCC's credentials for the by-election.

"We have taken a stand against this breach of protocol. The failure to obtain party approval for their nominations renders their actions void. Our movement is built on principles, and we will not falter," he added.

Political analyst Terence Chipwanya praised Tshabangu for his decisive action, contrasting it with the perceived passivity of CCC leader, Nelson Chamisa.

"Tshabangu's approach is a testament to his dedication to maintaining order and democracy within the party. Unlike Chamisa, who seems to have overlooked the chaos stemming from candidate imposition, Tshabangu is actively ensuring compliance with party norms," Chipwanya commented.

As the by-election looms, Tshabangu's assertive steps cast a spotlight on the internal mechanics of the CCC and its adherence to democratic practices.

Tshabangu's actions, not only address immediate issues of party discipline, but also set precedence for future party governance, signalling a firm commitment to maintaining order and integrity within the CCC's ranks.