Onslaught on Zim choreographed by the West

By Zivanai Dhewa

Political analysts have called on the SADC region and the African Union, to identify the threat surrounding the onslaught by the West on Zimbabwe, and shun being used to destabilise a stable nation, but rather to sustain their position for the true emancipation of the African continent, the Harare Post can reveal.

Speaking through a telephone interview with the Harare Post, South African-based political analyst Kgomotso Mbali, called on SADC and the African Union to see the situation in Zimbabwe for what it is, retribution, stating that the onslaught was a stern warning to African countries that might want to follow the Zimbabwe line.

“This onslaught on Zimbabwe is not by chance, it’s a calculated operation by the West, to make Zimbabwe an example.  The ‘crime’ Zimbabwe made was the fulfilment of the liberation struggle by giving back the means of production to the majority of blacks.

“The Land Reform Program and the Indigenous Law of black empowerment, which saw the ordinary people in Zimbabwe, become huge agricultural producers, owning mine claims and being active in the manufacturing sector is what irks the West the most,” Mbali said.

Mbali added that, “South Africa is currently sitting on a ticking time bomb, as more and more black people are pushing the ANC-led government to take back huge tracts of farmland and share to the blacks.

“The white people here (South Africa) are refusing to sell the land to government, so the only way to go is to take it by force, the way it happened in Zimbabwe, this is what I’m talking about.

SADC and the African Union should refuse to be used to enforce the injustice suffered by the African people; instead these organisations must fight to liberate the African continent,” he said.

Attempts to rope in the Namibian president, Hage Geingob to put pressure on the Zimbabwean Government has hit a brick wall, as the president of Namibia has refused to personalise the issue instead preferring to refer it to the SADC grouping.

The South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, is sending a delegation to come to Zimbabwe and gather the facts of the allegations before the case can be referred to SADC. 

Meanwhile, United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has exposed the hand of the United States in an operation meant to destabilise Zimbabwe when he commented on Bloomberg Television concerning the Global Compensation Deed Agreement that was recently signed between Zimbabwe and the former Commercial Farmers.

“Compensation for the land alone is not enough; the Government of Zimbabwe must give back the land it acquired as retribution for all these years of disposition.  Let it be ungovernable until they break,” Pompeo said. 

This explains the onslaught on Zimbabwe and the sudden, roping in of former G40 members, the Economic Freedom Fighters, former President of Botswana Sir Ian Khama, SADC and the African Union, for the main purpose of reversing the gains of Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle which saw many lose their lives.